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Embrace It

Psuedonym is Oti Barom. Welcome to my little place on the internet. A lost hippie in today's modern world. Passionate philanthropist and struggling misanthropist. Romantically hopeless with a dirty mind. Pursuer of artistic and spiritual enlightenment. Lacks a taste for mean spirits, ignorance, caterpillars, what this world is coming to. Frowns upon humanity's rotten three; the greed of power, the lust for instant pleasure, and the hunger for possesions.

*Me, Myself, and I*~~~

**The Questioners**~~~

*Words of Wisdom*~~~

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girls: spank me i’ve been naughty

me: its okay we all make mistakes 

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why would you ever idolize cops when firefighters exist

yeah seriously have you ever heard of “corrupt firefighter” 

what would a ‘corrupt firefighter’ even be. he put out that fire with a little TOO much water. he was a little rough with the cat he rescued from a tree for a little old lady


Civil Rights Movement vs Ferguson Protests

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when you write a sentence and it rhymes


why does the picture make perfect sense

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